REIKI First Degree: Class Outline

Depending on level of energy work everyone has done, we will go in depth about the anatomy of the energy body as well as learning to see, feel, hear, and sense energy. This class will give you the important foundation to practice the art of hands-on-helaing. It is also touching in the fundamentals of energy medicine and the power of intention.

Reiki is a multidimentional practice that must be taken with great respect. It can be a spiritual space that touches your center every time you open to receive it. You can't think it, and you can't do it, it just happens. Receive it.

In Reiki Level One I focus on taking it to the first level:

                  • A lot of hands-on to build up our subtle energy senses
                  • History & Lineage
                  • Usui traditional hand positions
                  • Anatomy of the body & energy body
                  • The chakra system / and physiology
                  • Hui-Yin
                  • Intuition and the inner dialogs
                  • Healing v/s Curing
                  • Reiki ethics and boundaries
                  • Applications of Reiki in different senarios
                  • Introduction to Reiki Second Degree

          We encourage everyone to bring a meditation cushion if you have one, and if you have anything else you use in your meditation space. I encourage you to bring anything meaningful to you that you want to place on our altar.




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