Mystical Practice on Mythical Grounds

We are living in a time like no other. The ancient Maya knew that our current era would come to end now, and the date most agreed upon is the winter solstice on December, 21, 2012. Change is a process though, and we all have been witnessing this on many levels over the past years. It is more important than ever to claim our own power now.

With this retreat we want to bring you to the mystical Mayan lands, to give you back a tool that has always belonged to you. Reiki is within you; it is life force energy that needs to be aligned, reactivated, empowered and sealed. Being attuned to Reiki will strengthen you to be a conscious, active participant during the shift. We will begin our attunement process on Thursday's New Moon, which is preceeded by a Mayan Portal Day, where humans are especially receptive to source energy as Galactic Activation Portals.








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