Eco-cultural tours in the Riviera Maya

Project Mayan Encounter was launched in 2008, and is all about creating meaningful travel alternatives—in harmony with nature, environment and local people; and nourishing body, mind and soul. The tours we selected scratch the surface of an incredibly diverse environment. Just some highlights: the Great Mesoamerican Barrier Reef for snorkeling & scuba diving, whale sharks, lagoons, white sand beaches, underground river system and cenotes (sweet water ponds and caves), jungle & wildlife, colonial towns, Mayan temples and culture, today's Mayan communities, and so much more. We have composed a combination of culture, nature and relaxation for you, to blend with your Reiki class.

In designing our retreat, we wanted to leave enough space for relaxation and personal sessions with Margarita. Those of you who are more active, and want to experience more than the 2 guided tours that are part of the retreat, can opt for an additional afternoon trip to swim in a cenote; or a trip to Xpu-Ha beach, where we would stay for dinner at Al Cielo; a day-trip to visit the ancient city of Chichen Itza (one of the 7 Modern World Wonders); or to the magical Ek Balam archaeological site. Prices depend the number of participants, and we have more details upon arrival.


If you are not already part of the San Francisco Retreat and want to come with us to our day eco tours, please contact us.




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